Welcome to RRV Girls and Boys School

Raja Ravi Varma Boys Vocational Higher Secondary School

Our institution RRVBVHSS was formulated on 1976.At the begginning of the school their was only the section of upper primary to high school. After 1998,we got certified for higher secondary education. We have a seperate voccational cource in the higher secondary from2000. Our school contains both English and malayalam medium.We had implimented midday meal programme in our school for students.Their is school bus facility for students. We have multimedia classes in our school. The students can study easily and they can improve their knowledge through these multimedia classes. We have good lab facility for the practical experiments of students. We maintains a good position in arts and sports.We had a large wide ground for the physical exercise of students .We have various clubs for students from 5th standard upto higher secondary .They are :NCC,JRC,NSS,Maths club,Social science club,English club,Nature club,Vidyarangam kala sahithyam vedhi.Their is a large auditorium in the memmorial of our former high school teacher sir.Dinesh.We also provides study tours for students for the extra guide lines and the improvement of social knowledge.


We provide all types of labs for the practical experiments of students.The available labs areBiology lab,Physics lab,Computer lab,Chemistry lab,MLT,Computer lab (for vhse).


The courses available in our school is:

  • V TO X
  • MLT(Medical laboratory training).
  • GFC(General foundation course).
  • Computer science.

Teaching Staffs


R.Sindhu         -  Malayalam,Social Science
Binuraj.A.S.     -  Maths
Jayanthi.L.      -  English
Preethi G nair   -  Basic Science


Venu.G.Potti        -  Mathematics
V.S.Priya           -  Chemistry
R.S.Bindhu          -  Physics,Computer
A.G.Prashobha       -  Biology
S.R.Jayasree        -  Chemistry
G.S.Beena           -  Mathematics
T.S.Usha            -  Social Science
Vijayan Pillai      -  Social Science
I.B.Jayasree        -  Malayalam
Prathibha.B         -  Malayalam
Reshmy.T            -  MalayalaM
Sheeja.G.S          -  Mathematics
M.C.Pramod          -  Hindi
Chandralekha        -  Hindi
Jayasree.S.R        -  Biology
S.N.Smitha          -  English
Rakhi Radhakrishnan -  English
A.S.Liju            -  Mathematics
V.K.Shaji           -  Physical Education
Lathika             -  Drawing


V.R.Sabu        -  English
Nissam.p        -  Computer
Anupkumar.A.V   -  Mathematics
Anilkumar.g     -
Thakilan        -  Computer
Sony.G.J        -
Sunitha.B.S     -  GFC
Jayasree.G.R    -  MLT
Anitha.A.V      - Chemistry
Anitha.M.A      - Physics
Deepak.s        - Lab assistant
Shibu.H.R       - Lab assistant

Non teaching staffs

K.Ramesh Varma                -   Clerk
R.Babu                        -   Peon
M.S.Gopalakrishna sharma      -   Peon
S.Suresh Kumar                -   Peon 
Ramraj Varma.K.K              -   Clerk(VHSE) 

School Details

Name of school                -    RRVBVHSS
Category                      -    Boys only
Maneger                       -    Divijender Reddy
Principal                     -    V.S.Sabu
Head Master                   -    Venu.G.Potti
Total no:of teaching staffs   -    36
No: of lady staffs            -    24
No: of gents staffs           -    15
No: of non teaching staffs    -     5 
Lab assistants                -     2


  • Using mobile phones inside the school compound is restricted.
  • Classes are strictly started at 9:00 am to 4:30 pm for higher secondary students and for high school and up students on 9:30 am to 3:30 pm
  • Higher secondary students must enter in the school compound at 8:45 am. The teacher comes in the class at 8:50 am .
  • Uniform and identity card is compulsory for students except wednesday.
  • Class test and PTA are conducted monthly.

Our contact address is :

Ph:0470 2672485(HS office).
Ph:0470 2673622(Principal office).
School code:42024.

Raja Ravi Varma Girls Higher Secondary School

RRVGHSS KILIMANOOR was launched in 1976 inaugurated by Sri Ramachandran IAS. At that time thousands of students are studied.After few years Higher secondary section was launched in 1998.Now 5th to 12th students are studying. National Service Scheme,National Cadet Corps,Junior Red cross are avialable.Our school had ECO club,MATHS club, SCIENCE club,SOCIAL SCIENCE club, for encouraging ARTS & SPORTS VIDYARANGAM KALA SAHITHYA VEDHI &SPORTS clubs are here.Now our school had academic,arts and sports winnings.In 2019 three students had Individual Champion ship.Our school had good lab facility to the students.Now our school had good computerlab had 30 computers for higher secondary students.In higher secondary mainly 4 subjects are avilable ,they are Biology Science,Computer science,Computer application, Political Commerce.Biology Science, Political commerce had two batch and Computer Application,Computer Science had one batch.R R V H S S had two sections one is main block,here each block had each name like Marrykom block,APJ block, Kalpana chaula block etc and second is Mathangi or Anax section ,here only plus one students are studying.Now 25 Teachers in higher secondary,20 Teachers in high school and 8 teachers in upper primary section.


School Details.

Name of school               -  R R V G H S S Kilimanoor
Category                     -  Girls only
Manager                      -  Divijendar Reddy
Principal                    -  Asitha Nath
Head Mistress                -  S.Jyothi
Total no: of teaching staffs -  51
No: of lady staffs           -  42
No: of gents staffs          -  10
No: of non teaching staffs   -   5
Lab assistants               -   4

Teaching staffs


Asha           -  Malayalam
Radha.I        -  Basic Science,English
Sajitha.s      -  Social Science
Anu.R          -  English,Mathematics
K.G.Gopakumar  -  Mathematics,English
Sabeena Beevi  -  Arabic
M.C.Praveen    -  Hindi 
Seena.G.S      -  Malayalam


S.Mini              -  Chemistry
Lijikumari.G        -  Biology
Manju.P             -  Work Experienc
Shanty.P.D          -  Malayalam
Prameela Devi       -  Malayalam,IT
K.Girija Kumari     -  Mathematics
R.Jayasree          -  Physics
S.Anitha Kumari     -  Social Science
A.S.Laila           -  Hindi
V.Syam              -  Physical Education
B.Gopakumar         -  Social Science
M.R.Poornima        -  English
Meenu.R.R           -  Mathematics
Anitha.P.R          -  Mathematics
M.C.Praveen         -  Hindi
Asha.A.S            -  Sanskrit
V.Sandhya           -  Malayalam
Karthika Kannappan  -  Biology


Jayakumar.M         -   English
Sobi Jayan.J.S      -   Physics
Biju Kumar.B.R      -   Economics
Vishnu.P.G          -   Computer Science
Shiny.G.S           -   Mathematics
Dr.Sreelatha.S      -   Sanskrit
Hony Mol.S.F        -   Economics
Sreeja.P            -   English
Chithra Varma       -   Computer Application
MIni.T.S            -   Physics
Rani.P              -   Politics
Sajila.N            -   Business Studies
Jenin.G.N           -   Politics
Sharmila Beegum.S   -   Botony
Vasantha Kumari Amma-   Hindi
Sreeja.C.L          -   Malayalam
Simna.S             -   Accountancy
Vini.P.M            -   Chemistry
Rohini.B            -   Zoology
Subha.s.Nair        -   Chemistry
DhanyaJ.S           -   English
Sushama.R           -   Mathematics
Rekha.A.R           -   Accountancy
Jolly.M.L           -   English
Karthika.S.Pillai   -   Business Studies

Non Teaching Staffs





  • Using mobile phone inside the school is restricted
  • Uniform and identity card is compulsory
  • Plastic is prohibited in school compound
  • Higher secondary students must entered in the school at 8.45 and teachers are entered into classes at 8.50
  • Class test and PTA are conducted monthly
Raja Ravi Varma Girls Higher Secondary School
Ph:0470 2672185(H.S.Office)
Ph:0470 2672045(Principal office)